Wave goodbye to the L plates for good!

29 Mar, 2018

Wave goodbye to the L plates for good!

A few changes were made to the driving test in December 2017, aiming to ensure new drivers are best prepared for real-life situations; in turn, helping to keep the roads a safer place for everyone.


If you’re learning to drive, you’ll know that nerves can sometimes get the better of you. That’s why practising is the best thing you can do in order to become one of the 47% who pass first time. Watermans has created a handy guide to help you through, covering those all-important changes to the test format, along with the top reasons for people failing.


The top 5 reasons are:

  • Bad lane discipline at roundabouts

  • Giving misleading signals or forgetting to cancel them

  • Inappropriate speed

  • Inadequate use of mirrors

  • Poor observation at junctions


You know what they say, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. So make sure you practice that tricky bay park and familiarise yourself with a sat nav to give yourself the best possible chance of passing first time – good luck!

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A guide to passing
from Watermans