Considering taking your car to Uni

31 Mar, 2017

Considering taking your car to Uni

Things to consider if you’re taking your car to Uni

 As a new driver heading off to Glasgow, Paisley or a further afield University, bringing your car along may be an appealing option, reinforcing your new-found freedom. But, before you pack up your car with your worldly belongings, take time to ponder if having a car in tow will actually be a benefit, or a hindrance.


Whether a car will be useful at Uni or not largely depends on where you’re going. City or town Unis often boast excellent public transport links, so having a car may not be that important. However, if you’re studying at a rural location, a car may prove a godsend. Also consider whether you’re living on or off campus. If you live away from the University, you may need a car to get to lectures on time. If you’re planning on travelling home frequently, a car increases your ability to get around.

Parking and safety

Consider where you’ll park your car at Uni as that could affect the cost of your car insurance as a student so be sure to consider all options. Permits may be available for students, but find out how much these cost and how easy it is to get one. If your only option is to park on the road, how safe will your car be? Look at crime statistics for the area you’re studying at and weigh up the risks. Some student areas are hotspots for crime, and if your car is one of the top ten stolen cars in the UK, there’s a higher chance that your beloved vehicle could be stolen and not be recovered.


Weigh up the costs, including parking and permit fees, compared with using public transport.

As well as topping it up with fuel, you’ll need to keep the car taxed, insured and up-to-date with its MOT. And remember that you’ll need to let your insurer know you’re changing address if you take your car with you to Uni so that the policy remains valid.

You could always consider keep costs down by asking friends to chip in, by offering them lifts to lectures, the supermarket or trips out? The world is your oyster and being a student is an exciting time. We hope the above helps you weigh up some of the pros and cons to consider when considering taking your car to Uni.

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So after taking you driving lessons and passing your test, consider all these things before taking your car along.