Awareness, observation, anticipation and clearance

5 Aug, 2015

Awareness, observation, anticipation and clearance

Awareness, observation, anticipation and clearance, are just a few of the things needed when driving.

If the driver of the car, had taken just a couple of seconds out of his busy schedule, to check his mirrors, his blind spot and slightly opened the door first for a look back, then the cyclist, would not have been hit by a car door flying open. Did the cyclist see the car parking up? If so, he could have used all of the above subjects, taught to drivers by their instructors (for safe driving for life) to avoid it happening too. But we don’t know how long the car driver was sat there or if indeed practices what he has been taught.

Credit must be given to the taxi driver, using all of the above in his driving skills locker, he avoided a very serious accident occurring by using these, including executing a perfect controlled stop. Well done that driver.